Your Starry Eyes Will Never Make Us Even

Parabelle's new CD - Your Starry Eyes Will Never Make Us Even

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I didn’t noticed that you had been broken, if I had been broken like you I would have fallen apart by now, but here you are wandering, here you are believing your secrets and whispers they’re lying to you but I held your hand when you asked, calm down and tear the blue and I would go anywhere for you, calm down and tear the blue and I would do anything for you, just stay close cuz you never noticed that I had been broken but you held the parts in your hands and I would say starlight would light up our paths but here you are stumbling, here you are retreating your secrets and whispers they’re lying to you but I held your hand when you asked…I’d even cross out my eyes for you, do I really need to cross out my eyes, she lived her life, there was nothing to lose but I held her hand when she couldn’t hold herself up again


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I have blisters and bad eyes so you can choose the way we fall and cherish it all, and I watched the world die and I watched you get overwhelmed, you’re under worthed, you’re second best and all signs point to yes, you are sold, is it all for the fallen angel, what makes you act so afraid, if I was there I’d die for your honour angel, what makes you act so ashamed, I won’t give up, I won’t give in but it’s not my war, but I’ll carry all your weight just past the sad lines, one match light is all we’re burning but are you listening cuz I want all your time or is it all for the fallen angel…because I have blisters and bad eyes but you will be the one who falls and I want you to stay one last time, one last purpose, one last time, I want you to whimper, what are you waiting for


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Tread that water line, she said you’re running out of time, she said you’re my little rose but the heads are gonna role, she starts talking faster now, so you cannot say a word and she’s hoping you wont notice whatever’s wrong whatever makes you rise up tragedy, take this useless heart and watch me survive right in front of you and it breaks my heart to watch you survive (without it), there’s no turning back she says we all get out of line, she says pour another dose cuz you’re the reason why I’m so good at breaking your heart, you’ve already pooled up the pieces and whatever brought you back is what makes you guilty inside…I’m hurt, I fall, are you hurt by it all, there’s no water line, she said no


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A few more breaths that you can’t count, at least not one me, if you’d shut your eyes I’d shut my mouth cuz you mean nothing to me and I would lift you up so I could let you fall cuz I was going nowhere from the start and nowhere’s where it ends and I will leave you in shadows of where I used to be, you won’t be afraid, but I was wrong, I lived so you wouldn’t be alone but you deserve better than this, don’t you know, a few more lessons you can count, if I said we were missing all the points but still had it all and I would let you know how the story goes and how it starts and where it ends with everything you said…and don’t you know the hate that’s on my heart is from your hands, when you let it go, I guess it’s all in the way you suffer for my love, you better let it go before it gets the best of you, and who wins, when we both lose a lot, I loved you, at least so I thought but I was wrong…and I deserve to be alone cuz you deserve better than this, don’t you know it’s all in the way you suffer


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Whisper that you notice me when I come up for air and sing me a brighter song, one that stands for better times than now, I was lost, I was cold, I was far away, I was calm when you noticed, I was far away when the after math is over and all my breaths are gone and my heart can shake from the memories, I have my hands on both walls, you remind me that all my sins are gone and what’s been lost will never be found and once I’m gone, I’ll never be found…can you breath me in, do you know what you mean to me, if I am wrong then I don’t know what road I’m on and I don’t know which way to turn, whisper that you notice me


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If I had known that this would be the last time we’d be alone well I know, the words I chose would not have been the ones I spoke, if I had known, and I just want to know you one more time and say that you make me feel alive, if everything has died you better star out your eyes, if you had known that this would be the last time we’d be alone would you be unaware, that your forgotten fallen star was burning out but it lit my whole life…do you even care that you gave up searching somewhere, when we fall out of love, we fall out alone somewhere, your starry eyes will never make us even


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I see the change from lost to level, I bear the wounds the weeping ones in my head tonight so we look alike, I see the world, the one you made up but heaven lost that world’s light and we’ll be bled tonight, it’s so heaven like cuz I was so damn lost, I must have fallen for what you cost, I’ll let you fantasize falling, why don’t you let your hair down when you teach me a lesson and waste time, whatever makes your headlines, just face it you’re carried away, the lies come in and I listen, my catch it feels like one little let down in my once empire, you were callous, you said it wasn’t worth your time, when it was alright, it was never enough, but you were so damn slow, you fell in love with me when I let go, I want to tell you I’m falling…she was still inside you, she was all you wanted from life but this is where it ended, she couldn’t separate her common sense from her dedication but my attention was never wavering, you choked when I said you would, this was the whirlwind’s eye, you caught yourself on fire this time…we were so damn close


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This is my one break down lost out, she fell in with the stars, I’m drinking up the rain drops from all her precious clouds, I swear that heaven helped her and it pulled from the wall, it’s worth a pretty penny so pick it up and it’s gone now, you’ll be my coward, my killer at heart, let it out now and it will come down and tear us apart, let it out, this is where he breaks down and watches as he blends in with the ground, he’s been crawling since they made him, might make you say, all who left me now are fluttering as empty things, the time for us is now, the voices sing, they’re glittering when you’re gone…I don’t want to be your circle at all such endless loss and I don’t want to feel this twisted at all when fates have crossed we break down, beneath the heavy air, let it out and be gone


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Here we are stopping short of what was unspeakable, the fast descent made you light but made you forget you’re mine and you will feel the same, you’re restless in the fire I made before I knew you were the one, just try and you can fight to pull away but you’re in my line of fire and I know the fall is better left alone, here we are stalking the lines that fly through escapable, and what makes sense, a thousand words you thought but you never said, and what we find will never be the same and what we hide we’ll never seek, be quiet and it will stay away, you’ll rest here in the fire I made before I threw you on the wall, just try to talk when you shake and you will see, make no mistake you’re in my line and I know the same has all been said before, there’s nowhere left for us to run, there’s no more reasons to hide and both our worlds crashed down and we’re both broken but here we are walking around like we are intelligent, I can’t resist, your eyes stare until their dead, when once we lied and we never will again and once you’re mine you never won’t be again, and you will us one, I’ll keep you from the fire I made before I made you my whole world, this is my resolve and you can have it all if you ask, you’re in my line of fire and I know that I won’t let you burn, just say no


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The pieces are shattering, they left a hole where your heart should have been, breathless and smothering, I’m told you wear it well, you told me that you lived, you were wrong, blessed with your face in my hands, one merely suffocates alone, innocent when we began, why don’t I feel, why won’t I listen, what makes this fate so surreal and why can’t I stay away, rough start, rough stay till it’s real but it will never be unless there’s a miracle, my faults aside, it’d take a miracle, it took some time for you to wonder what you’ve done, anyone can see that you’re haunted by the kill, broke with my faith in your hands, why can’t I breath, why won’t you listen…you said whatever was before won’t ever stop till you’re alone, and we were walking when we’re wounded, broke with your blood on my hands, why can’t we believe, why won’t we listen


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Did you notice the violence with my hands inside your hair, the black the white, the coldest night, the conversation’s over and you could bet it all, and you shrug it off all the way south, and you shrug it all off and leave it alone, and my surrender keeps you from harm and saves you for a life that’s better than mine and your forever severs the storm, the one that joined your eyes so steadily to mine, so many miles rushed down your throat and she sees through coloured eyes all covered up with smoke and all the fairy tales, it’s the blinding light, it’s your shut eyes all covered and choked…and my luck’s on the way, but you came here and stole it all away but what state are you in, I think you’re holding it all in, and what shape are we in, what shape are we in, are we holding it all in, what makes you draw your sin and what makes it coloured in is what makes your fragile heart and what makes it fall apart
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  • Jude on

    You just keeping better and better :O) Great job! I’m trying to figure out how to buy the CD “Reassembling the Icons”. It says on your site that it’s a full electric album, not sure what that is, but I’d sure love to buy the CD, if possible.
    Have a great day :O)

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