Just to clarify, this whole gigfunder is just like a kickstarter, soooo, its purely based on getting the funding to happen as to whether the shows happen. It’s a crazy amount of money and like I said, I don’t expect it to happen and I also don’t want anyone to think we’re looking for huge donations to make it happen, we really are just looking for people to buy a ticket to the city they want, 10 bucks is all it takes, so even though the number is HUGE, its all about 10 bucks at a time, if you want to take on a whole show, or buy a show for your venue, it’s on there too, sooo, check it out and we’ll do whatever we can to make this happen!!!

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Reassembling the Icons – In Stock!

Parabelle’s second studio release “Reassembling the Icons’ is a full electric album.

***Buy Now***

1. The Clocks
2. More
3. Don’t Stop to Breathe
4. Kiss the Flag: The Widow
5. When the World Wakes Up
6. On the Curve
7. Lifted
8. Out There
9. The Devil Inside Me
10. Reassembling the Icons
11. Twisted and Turned
12. Pray (Acoustic)
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